Introduce Kuroihoshi Akune



Name : くろいほし - あくね Kuroihoshi Akune

Type : UTAUloid ~ MelodyLoid

Model : SNX - 16

Birth : 27th March 1995

Relase date : 28th May 2011

Gender : Female

Character Items :
 Black Cherry and Nintendo DS XL

Like : electronic (like handphone, laptop, Ipad,pen tablet),Eating Snack, horor things, Singing,drawing,Play Nintendo DS,Blood, Cherry, everythings about cherry/berry (like strawberry or blueberry), dessert , Weapon, tea herb , tomboy'ish things and smooth/cute things

Dislike : broken electronic n games, Feminime things, dumb,annoying people ,pineapple


Hair color: Black
Headgear: purple charm hairclip
Eye color: purple
Headphones: Purple White Headphones with wings and charms symbol
Colour of All : Purple-White-Black
Nationality/Race: Indonesian-Japanese
Age : 16
Height : 160 cm


  • Newcomer Utau , Kuroihoshi Akune

  • she’s very scare n dark girl

  • other man always interested to her

  • type dark girl and quite

  • always Yandere - Tsundere Girl

  • sometimes she be a childish

  • Lonely Girl